Frankenstein (1931)

e7a7f-frankenstein13Starring Colin Clive and Boris Karloff, this archetypal horror film is loosely based on the novel written by Mary Shelley. Frankenstein is a man intent on creating life. However, his creation is made out of corpses and then comes the fateful day that he brings his Creature to life. Once it is alive his own life will never be the same. Soon it begins to cause havoc by killing a little girl and scaring others. It even attacks Frankenstein and his wife on their wedding day. In the end the Creature meets his demise in a burning barn and Frankenstein seemingly escapes utter disaster. This became the perfect set up for the Bride of Frankenstein (1935).
4/5 Stars

City Lights (1931)

In this Charlie Chaplin film we follow the Tramp as he romances a blind flower girl and is befriended by a crazy millionaire. In line with all the great Chaplin silent films, this one has many comedic moments but also sentimentality. In one scene the Tramp might find himself dragged along with the millionaire or fighting in a boxing match. However, the next sequence he might be sharing a very nice moment with the girl who only knows him by his voice and kind deeds. Fittingly, in the final moments of the film, the flower girl who can now see is reunited with the humble tramp who showed her so much kindness. Overall this was a very good film and it seemed to have a wonderful balance of humor and romance. It proves that sound is not always needed if you are a good storyteller.

5/5 Stars

Other Chaplin films I may watch in the future include The Kid (1921), The Circus (1928), and The Great Dictator (1941)