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Look Deeper at the Best Classic Movies with Me!

I love great movies and I am constantly discovering more all the time. That’s truly part of the joy of watching new movies, finding a new hidden treasure that I get to unearth and tell others about. But there’s also nothing quite like returning to a favorite classic after a long time away. I’m not sure which experience I enjoy more.

It’s for these precise reasons that I review and write about films. Nearly every day I’ll look to write something. It’s a habit.  It’s just what I do now and it gives me tremendous joy.

Since the beginning, 4 Star Films has gone through several iterations. First, it was a place to write down stray thoughts about classic movies, but I like to think that it’s become a bit more substantial as a place where I can hopefully get other people thinking about movies on a deeper level.

“There’s the human component to movies that is so important.”

True, I want to preserve a love of film as an art form, understand their historical context, and acknowledge their value as pure entertainment. But most importantly, there’s the human component to movies that is so important. I’m constantly drawn back to them, like so many others, because they bring us together and act as an imperfect reflection of our imperfect lives. 

Stories full of redemption and failure, joy and sadness, good and evil. But don’t get me wrong. They’re also just a lot of fun, and I want to share in that with other people. What better way to do that than watching the best movies and talking about them? Please join me!

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Some Posts to Get You Started:

Review: Isle of Dogs (2018)

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You can also read the recent profile done for my site over at CMBA.

Thanks for visiting 4 Star Films and please follow me and comment if you like what you read. I can always use the encouragement!
~ Tynan

14 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Thank you for following my website. Cool website you have there. Keep up the good work. Do not forget to watch foreign film especially French gangsters films.


  2. I am very excited to start going through your posts. Just a quick glance has shown that I recognise some all-time favourites of mine but most I’ve not even heard of. Quite a find!


    • I’m glad to hear it. I have looked over your blog and saw posts on two favorites already The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and Cool Hand Luke. Two very different movies that are nonetheless great! Thanks for visiting.


  3. Thanks very much for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy lots of entertaining writing and the wide variety of music. I usually post once a week. Please feel free to add comments. If it’s been a while since you visited come on over and see what’s new! Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom.

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