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FILM STARS: The people listed here are certainly biased and secondly, they are constantly changing with every new film I watch and rewatch. However, if you want to be introduced to some great film stars look no further.

FILM LISTS: I love lists. Compiling them. Reading them. Checking things off them. And so like any good list enthusiast, I have featured many of the lists that got me excited about watching films.

FILM LINKS: I think my site is great but there’s also a lot more out there that is (perhaps) far better than what I’ve put together here. If anything they are worthy companion sites to 4 Star Films.

FILM GENRES: It’s easy to try and sort and categorize movies. Obviously, it doesn’t always work, but if you have a hankering for a certain type of movie, I have many of the great classics broken into their various genres. Enjoy!

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