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Lists Of The Greatest Films of All Time

American Film Institute (10th Anniversary): The List that started it all!
AMC Filmsite’s Greatest Films: Another list of great American Films
Yahoo’s Films to See Before You Die: A more diverse list featuring foreign films and cult classics

Other AFI Lists:

AFI Top 10s: Greatest films in 10 genres
AFI Cheers: Most inspiring films
AFI Passions: Most romantic films
AFI Laughs: Greatest comedy films
AFI Thrills: Most pulse-pounding films
AFI Stars: Greatest Classic Hollywood stars
AFI Heroes and Villains: Greatest film heroes and villains
AFI Quotes: Greatest film lines
AFI Songs: Greatest film songs
AFI Musicals: Greatest movie musicals
AFI Scores: Greatest film scores

My Lists

Tynan’s Great Movies: Ongoing list that I try to update irregularly
101 Popular and Beloved Movies: A list that sounds just like it is
The 101 Best Films of the 2000s: An ongoing list of the 2000s
The Best Films of the 2010s (So Far): An ongoing list of the 2010s
Tynan’s 101 Movies to See Before You Die: A list I compiled back in 2013. Things have changed some…
World War II Films: An incomplete list of WWII related films

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