Citizen Kane (1941), original review


Disclaimer: I have since changed my opinions on this film but this capsule review stands as a reminder of how greatly things can change. 

As far as all the hype is concerned, Citizen Kane was a major disappointment. It is a film which has been lauded as one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of all time. However, in my mind, overall it is nothing that amazing. This movie has an important context that has to be taken into consideration first of all. One of these points is that the film is supposedly a semi-autobiographical account of the famous journalist William Randolph Hearst. In this way, it is a satire of his life because he acquired great riches but no happiness. Other pioneering aspects of this film are the storytelling devices and the camera work. In the realm of storytelling, Citizen Kane relies on both flashback and various narrators in order to try and explain Kane’s past. Furthermore, the cinematographic process of sharp focus is also used, allowing the screen to be in complete focus.  For being so highly praised Citizen Kane left me disappointed and also dumbfounded about how it gained such status.

4/5 Stars

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