The Rules of the Game (1939)

bcb9f-la_regle_du_jeuThis French film directed by Jean Renoir is a light comedy that turns into a critique of the Upper classes. The film involves the superficial events and racy love affairs as only the French can have. It opens as a famous aviator lands his plane only to be disappointed that his married lover did not come to see him. Soon we learn that her husband has a mistress of his own. Put these four together,  Renoir in his jolly role of Octave, all the other guests, then the many servants, and soon you have a major spectacle. They dine, hunt, gossip, put on a show, quarrel, and above all fall in love. It is all fun and games however until someone gets hurt. Although this film is not what we may be accustomed to in our present generation, it is easy to appreciate the satire, cinematography, and ensemble cast. Kudos to Renoir for making a very intriguing film.

4.5/5 Stars

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