Gladiator (2000)

9db87-gladiator_ver1Starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Connie Nielsen, with director Ridley Scott, this film is set during the waning days of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelias. General Maximus is a great and loyal warrior who the old man wants as his successor. However, his jealous son will not have it, killing his father and then ordering the execution of Maximus. He escapes but is mad a slave and then a gladiator. Through this he gains the respect of the masses and is able to defy Commodus. Over time, Maximus is part of a plot to remove Commodus. Once again the enraged emperor wishes to quash the legend of Maximus forever. He does not win in the end and Maximus has aided Rome. This action-epic had a lot of exciting scenes and a good hero. The score was good too but sometimes it seems as if the cinematography could have been better. This film is reminiscent of the classic epic Spartacus and it was a pretty good in it’s own right.

4/5 Stars

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