Skyfall (2012)

Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond and Judi Dench as M, this was the 50 anniversary installment of the franchise. The film opens as Bond is on assignment to track down a mercenary who stole a vital computer hard drive. However, before he can complete his assignment Bond is wounded and seemingly falls to his death. Meanwhile M is under political pressure and she also receives a threatening message that culminates in a giant explosion. Bond comes back from the dead and must struggle to pass his examinations to be cleared for duty. Finally, he goes out again to track down the mercenary and his investigation leads him to a shady casino. He helps out a women in trouble and accompanies her to a remote island. However,, they are captured and Bond comes face to face with the mastermind behind all the chaos. Bond is able to save himself while capturing Silva to take back to England. But Silva has one last trick up his sleeve allowing himself to escape. Realizing M is in danger, Bond rescues her and heads for his childhood home. There he prepares for the final showdown with Silva and his henchmen. Although he prevails it was not without sacrifice. This film was intriguing because both Bond and M had to set out and prove they were not washed up. Also, Adele’s title song is probably the most memorable Bond theme in quite sometime.

4/5 Stars

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