Happy Birthday Fred Astaire

So today would have been the birthday of the legendary dancer Fred Astaire and I want to just remember him briefly. I heard it said once that certain people are pioneers in film but Astaire was both revolutionary and simply the best film dancer that there has been to date. He pioneered his art form and even to this day he is the best to ever come from it. That is a testament to how good he was at his trade. I don’t know much about tap dancing but there certainly is something impressive about him whether he is going solo or dancing cheek to cheek with Ginger Rogers. Some of the things he does with his feet or using props, I didn’t even know were humanly possible. I would recommend Swing Time and Top Hat if you want to see some of his work and a sequence worth seeing is Royal Wedding when he dances on the ceiling (Yes, it’s possible)!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fred Astaire

  1. Happy birthday to Mr. Astaire! What a legend he is!!

    One of my favorite quotes is, “Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.” (George Elliot)

    We will certainly never forget Mr. Astaire!! Thanks for saluting him on his birthday.


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