Meet John Doe (1941)

Starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck with direction by Frank Capra, the film begins with a news woman (Stanwyck) creating a made up story about John Doe, a man willing to commit suicide to protest big government. In order to keep the story going, they take a man off the street to effectively be John Doe. At first John (Cooper) and his friend the Colonel (Walter Brennan) are attracted by the chance to work. However, slowly he seems to become John Doe and the whole nation is seemingly behind him with Stanwyck’s character falling for his image as well. A political machine tries to discredit him and prove he never was John Doe. Now all along John decides to go through the suicide to prove his point to all. The political machine tries to stop him and Stanwyck finally does saying they can still keep the ideals of John Doe alive. Sharing some similarities with Mr. Smith, this film is one of those feel good films.

4/5 Stars

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