Titanic (1953)

30704-titanic_1953_filmStarring Barbara Stanwyck and Clifton Webb with a solid cast of others, the film follows different people before and during the sinking of the infamous ocean liner. Stanwyck has taken her son and daughter away from their wealthy father. He gets on board however and the relationship gets strained. Meanwhile a young man falls for their daughter trying to win her affection. The viewer also sees the captain who seems to be a good man and we come to known a priest turned drunk who is in disarray. When the ship strikes the iceberg everything changes instantly and the estranged pair show their love while others show their courage. This film is not historically accurate and some people will find it unspectacular compared to the modern blockbuster. However, it is all about the characters and they make this a very moving if not underrated film. It seems fitting that I first watched this film exactly 100 years after the fact.

3.5/5 Stars

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