Animal Crackers (1930)

efe9f-the_marx_brothers_animal_crackers_film_posterHeaded by the four Marx Brothers, the film opens with the return of the famous African explorer Captain Jeffrey Spaulding (Groucho), who is being honored at the estate of a Mrs. Rittenhouse (Margaret Dumont). Along with him there are two musicians (Chico and Harpo), and an art lover with an especially extraordinary painting in his possession. The daughter of the hostess is in love with a young, aspiring artist. She enlists the help of the two musicians to replace the painting with a fake done by her beau. However, they are not the only ones with an interest in the masterpiece and mayhem ensues. In the end all is revealed and everything works itself out. Besides some famous Groucho quips about his travels, there is “the flash” sequence, several musical numbers, and the final scene with the insecticide gun. As always the brothers deliver the chaotic and pun laden humor they gained notoriety for.

4/5 Stars

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