Ball of Fire (1941)

a5490-ball_of_fire_movie_posterStarring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, the film revolves around a young man (Cooper) and seven older intellectuals compiling a Encyclopedia who get involved with a burlesque dancer (Stanwyck). They are interested in her constant use of slang and she is happy to use them as a cover to avoid the cops while she waits for her gangster boyfriend. However, things take a turn when the young man falls for her and proposes. Little does he know they are being used until they unknowingly transport her back to the gangster. He feels betrayed and she realizes her love for the corny intellectual. Although they are held by the gangster’s thugs, the intellectuals join their wits to overcome their foe. In the nick of time they stop the marriage and the true loves get back together. Howard Hawks directs a nice combination of humor and romance. The story by Billy Wilder, is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with some major twists.

4.5/5 Stars

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