When Harry Met Sally (1989)

aa6b4-whenharrymetsallyposter1A romantic comedy directed by Rob Reiner, and starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, the film opens in 1977 when Harry and Sally first meet and then share a long car ride to New York. They part ways not expecting to see one another again. Sure enough they meet again and they both are in serious relationships with others. But a few more years down the line they cross paths and they both are having trouble getting over their failed love lives. With the situation the way it is, Harry and Sally decide to become friends and they begin to confide in each other while also spending more time together. However, they want to remain just friends and they set each other up with their best friend respectively. This ends in their best friends becoming romantically involved and it leaves Harry and Sally where they were before. When Sally is going through a tough time Harry comforts her and in the moment they make love. In the aftermath their relationship becomes tense and it ends in a fight. All alone on New Year’s Eve they finally make up and share a kiss. They are finally a couple. This film has adult themes but Reiner makes this film a nostalgic feel in a way by using a flashback, voice-over, split screen, and conversations from married couples. Furthermore, the soundtrack by Harry Connick Jr. is reminiscent of crooners from a bygone era. In my mind, this film seemed very similar to some of the old romantic comedies including The Awful Truth (1937).

4/5 Stars

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