Mr. Hulot’s Holiday (1953)

01c54-les_vacances_de_m_hulotDirected by and starring Jacques Tati, this is the original film that introduced the bumbling but kindly Mr. Hulot. He finds himself staying at a beach side hotel full of various different tourists. The film is not so much about plot but instead it focuses mostly on Hulot’s many antics. Whether he is paddling a kayak, playing tennis, changing a tire on his beat up car, trying to mount a horse, or accidentally setting off fireworks, Hulot is bound to cause laughs. This film is unique because as with Tati’s other works the pacing is not fast. That means we are able to relax and enjoy this vacation along with Mr. Hulot. We can take in the many sounds and images while we also watch this likable bumbler. Maybe Tati did not know it at the time but he created a memorable persona in Hulot who has his own distinct movement and attire. Without talking at all he leaves such a tremendous mark. If there was ever an influence on Mr. Bean I think the origins would definitely start with Monsieur Hulot.

4/5 Stars

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