Top Secret! (1984)

93bc0-top_secret_ver1From the creators of Airplane! comes this uproarious comedy that parodies everything from Elvis musicals and surf music to spy thrillers and action movies. Nick Rivers is an American pop star known for his surf music and he is invited to the closed off nation of East Germany to perform at a cultural festival. He is advised not to cause any trouble since he is a guest, but pretty soon he meets a pretty girl who is in way over her head. Soon he finds himself involved and they must attempt to rescue her father who is a scientist forced to work for the East Germans. They gain help from the French Resistance and Nick begins to fall for Hillary only to find her long lost boyfriend is leading the resistance. Together they devise a daring plan to get her father out, but unfortunately there is a traitor among them! As would be expected they get away and Nick gets the girl with a bellyful of laughs along the way. If you are looking for a deep plot you won’t find it here. If you want laughs you have come to the right place. I honestly do not remember Airplane! so well, but after seeing this film I want to go back, because this was genuinely hilarious. There are so many great sight gags, slap stick moments, quirky characters, parodies, and verbal jokes. Many pop up when you least expect them making them even better and by the end of the film you begin to expect the unexpected laugh. It’s great. The film includes skeet surfing, a talking horse, a scene played in reverse, cows, and much, much more. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.
4/5 Stars

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