To Catch a Thief (1955) – Alfred Hitchcock

1b4d6-to_catch_a_thiefStarring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this film follows the life of a former cat burglar who is accused of thievery in France. An outbreak of thefts seem to point to John Robie and he seeks refuge with some old friends. He plans to clear his name by catching the real thief. He learns that a vacationing mother and daughter have the most expensive jewels and he strikes up a relationship. The daughter realizes what he is and goes on to tempt him to steal her valuables. When they actually go missing she suspects him. Trying to figure out what is going on Robie struggles with a possible burglar who falls to his death and he attends a ball with Francie who has pronounced her love for him. After a clever switch Robie waits for the real perpetrator only to be surprised. As a thriller and romance this is a fun film. The cinematography is excellent and Kelly’s wardrobe done by Edith Head is memorable. Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are certainly a memorable screen couple.

4/5 Stars

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