Sophie’s Choice (1982)

Starring Meryl Streep in a remarkable performance, the film opens in 1947 with the writing hopeful Stingo. He moves into a room in Brooklyn and quickly befriends the romantic pair of Sophie (Streep) and Nathan (Kevin Kline). However, as their friendship grows Stingo realizes the ghosts in Sohphie’s past since she was a Pole in a concentration camp during WWII. Nathan on the other hand can be both charming and cruel thanks in part to his own set of secrets. Stingo feels himself falling for Sophie but she realizes it can never be recalling her last shrouded memory. She was forced to make a choice that would haunt her and ultimately fill her life with tragedy. All I can say is that this film is made by the brilliant acting of Streep. Several of the scenes were very powerful as well. They brought up difficult issues that can be hard to answer.

4/5 Stars

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