Other Great Film Links

Internet Movie Database: Site for movie ratings, lists and short synopses

Rotten Tomatoes: Site for simple movie ratings and reviews (Fresh or Rotten)

Roger Ebert’s Website: Site for numerous eloquent and thoughtful reviews from one of the greats

Metacritic: Site for simple movie ratings based off of film critics

The A.V. Club: Another online site for reviews

Indiewire: Source for all things indie

The Guardian: British paper which often features good reviews

Christianity Today Movies: Reviews focused on worldviews and cultural merit of films

Colaborator: Up and coming site for film colaboration with blog and networking opportunities

Leonard Maltin: One of the preeminent film historians and critics

The Criterion Collection: Source for all things art-hourse, foreign and hard to find. Check out Criterion on Hulu

1001 Films to See Before You Die: An expansive list of some of the best movies that you need to see

Buzzfeed Movies: Everyone’s favorite social media entertainment hub


The Film Spectrum

Senses of Cinema

They Shoot Pictures Don’t They?

The Oscars

National Board of Review

Masters of Cinema

National Film Preservation Foundation

Classic Film Guide


Best Movies by Farr

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