Good Night, And Good Luck (2005)

63e88-goodnight_posterThe film takes place amidst the Red Scare and it chronicles the team behind the CBS show See It Now, with the reporting of Edward R. Murrow. He along with his co-producer Fred Friendly are willing to question the actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy. However, they walk a fin line that could easily lead to controversy and the destruction of their careers. Eventually they do witness McCarthy as he begins to loser popularity, but they have no time to celebrate because they have their own set of problems with the network. Murrow closes a speech by saying television has potential if used correctly. As always he ends with “Good Night, and Good Luck.” This film had a pretty good cast, sleek black and white cinematography, and archival footage was used well throughout. It was nothing overly spectacular but it was good.

4/5 Stars

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