Enter the Dragon (1973)

Enter_the_dragonStarring Bruce Lee in his last major film before his death, Enter the Dragon has Lee going to a martial arts tournament on the isolated island of a former nemesis in order to infiltrate the proceedings and uncover what is really going on there. Along with Lee two other men are invited and we learn early on that they are chums and both very skilled in martial arts. 

Following the first set of bouts, the evening is extremely extravagant and each guest is treated like a king. While the other two revel in this grandeur, Lee tries to make contact with someone who was planted on the island. That same night Lee sneaks out to try and see what he can uncover with some luck. However, the next morning Han gives a stern warning to his visitors before the competition begins again. Later one man is accused of leaving his room and then Han tries to entice the other to join his operation. Lee again sneaks out and this time to messages for help but not before the alarm is sounded. 

What ensues is an epic display of martial arts mastery but Lee is finally quelled. The next morning things are looking bleak but Lee and his fellow competitor join forces against Han’s men and they eventually gain some help. This is the final showdown and while the all out fight continues Lee must chase down a fleeing Han. In a secret room of mirrors their conflict concludes but not without a great deal of devastation. 

This film is an unorthodox combination of a martial arts film and a Hollywood production. Bruce Lee is the undisputed star in an era where Asians were usually only supporting characters. For this reason as well as the action, this is a pretty good one to watch.

4/5 Stars

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