4 comments on “Kiss of Death (1947)

  1. The title of many noir films seem to me provocative more than content-inspired. I guess I’d posit that Mature gives his life the “kiss of death” by being discontented with what he has and going over to the wrong side of the law.

    I confess I dislike when women in noir are used as angelic objects through which to provide sympathy for a male protagonist — often by killing them to set the man on his journey. (The late noir film Cry Vengeance does this — including kids too — as does the new-noir Memento, to name just two others.)

    I do, however, love young Widmark in villanous noir roles, and Tommy Udo’s smile and laugh are absolute evil! I remember his character far more than broody Victor Mature after seeing the film six months ago.

    This said, it’s a solid noir melodrama and I can see why you give it 4/5 stars.

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