Joan Leslie (1925-2015)

For Classic Film Aficionados most of our favorite stars have passed on and that makes any star or starlet we lose now that much more noteworthy. Joan Leslie is such a figure, not a major star by any means, but she certainly had some great films in her catalog. Without knowing who she was and barely knowing Gary Cooper, I saw her in Sergeant York at a young age. On subsequent viewings I realized she was the perfect girl for the role. The same goes fore Yankee Doodle Dandy, because there is not a malevolent bone in her body, and she exudes an innocence that cannot be discounted.

I’ve seen the less well known Repeat Performance, and although it is nothing to write home about, it was rewarding to see Leslie in a starring role. The names are getting fewer and far between: O’Hara, De Havilland, Douglas, Donen, Poitier, to name a few. But all the time they get more and more obscure as the years go by.

My hope is that  people will continue to discover the likes of Joan Leslie for years to come!

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