5 comments on “Fargo (1996)

  1. I’m with you 100 percent here. I’ve always been a bit divided on the Coens. Love Fargo, liked O Brother Where Art Thou, adored The Hudsucker Proxy and respect The Big Lebowski. Much rather watch the original Ladykillers (I can see no worse substitute for Alec Guinness than Tom Hanks), and in films like Burn After Reading and A Serious Man they simply get too self-absorbed. Frankly these films simply bore me to death, as do some of their other films (and I wish they’d stop remaking old cult movies).

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  2. I don’t really get the acclaim. People seem to love this film and t just didn’t do it for me. It’s well put together but doesn’t have the magic or charm that others seem to credit it with. Realising I’m not a Coen brothers fan.

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