4 Living Legends Part 4

rose_marie_1970Here is another entry in our ongoing series of Classic Hollywood Stars who are still with us.

Glynis Johns (1923-)

Whether it’s a blessing or a curse (I consider it a blessing), Glynis Johns will forever be immortalized as Mrs. Banks the woman suffragette in Mary Poppins (1964) bringing a certain amount of energy and personality to Disney’s musical classic. However, she also makes a memorable turn opposite Danny Kaye in the zany medieval comedy The Court Jester (1956).

Rose Marie (1923-)

A veteran of vaudeville, Sally Rogers is undoubtedly best remembered as part of Rob Petrie’s comical gag writing team on The Dick Van Dyke Show developing a particular comic rapport between herself, Morey Amsterdam, and Van Dyke for some extraordinary moments. She also frequently guested on The Hollywood Squares hosted by Peter Marshall.

Jacqueline White (1924-)

Perhaps she is a little-known actress, but Jacqueline White left an indelible mark on film-noir for two films in particular. The first being Crossfire (1947) and the fantastic B film The Narrow Margin (1952).

Richard Erdman (1925-)

Richard Erdman has a very, very special place in my heart. The reason being I first got to know him as Leonard Rodriguez on the incomparable comedy Community. Guessing there might be a story behind him, I looked him up and little did I know he had an illustrious Hollywood career in many films I had seen early on in my introduction to film. His acting credits include such classics as The Men (1950), Cry Danger (1951), and Stalag 17 (1953). Even back then, even though he had more hair, there’s still that unmistakable sense of humor.

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