12 comments on “Reign of Terror/The Black Book (1949)

  1. I’m a big fan of this movie, and I love the blacklist comparison — I’ve never really examined it that way, so it’s refreshing to read a new take on it. I’ll also acknowledge that it’s one of Cummings’ finest hours (despite his limitations, he was capable of good work like this and THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES) though I’d stop short of comparing him to Jimmy Stewart because Stewart had a helluva larger range. Great essay all around.

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  2. I’m glad! Yes, I’ve seen T-Men, Raw Deal, Side Street and this film. I still need to go back and watch a few more of his westerns though. Also, any other recommendations are always appreciated!


  3. Very good review! When I first saw the movie, I didn’t pay attention to the blacklist connection – only some reviews called it later and I saw that it makes perfect sense. And are you a historian? Me, too! *historians unite*

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    • Thank you! Well, I would have to confess to being an amateur historian but I always try and put the films I watch into the context that they came out of. Historians definitely need to stick together though!


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