8 comments on “Too Late for Tears (1949)

  1. Too Late for Tears is one of my favorite noirs. I think it’s one of Lizabeth Scott’s best performances. Don DeFore is great in it, too. He’s not the lead, but he finally gets the best of “Tiger.”

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    • Agreed! I also enjoyed Strange Love of Martha Ivers which also had a great cast. I saw Dead Reckoning but for some reason it did not resonate with me. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!


      • The Dark Corner, starring Lucille Ball, is a good noir. It was my first blog entry. Another favorite of mine, with a much darker tone, is Born to Kill, starring Claire Trevor and Lawrence Tierney. Picking favorites is hard for me, though!

        By the way, I started reading Ride the Pink Horse, but I couldn’t get very far with it. I think Dorothy Hughes intended it to be a product of its time, but it was hard to have the main character’s voice (his name is Sailor in the book, I believe) in my head!

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      • Oh! I watched Ride The Pink Horse with Robert Montgomery last year. I doubt it is really faithful to the novel but I enjoyed it!Joan Harrison helped to produce it along with Phantom Lady and They Wont Believe Me.


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