18 comments on “Picnic (1955)

  1. This movie is going to be the genesis of a new series on my blog some time after the Holden Blog-A-Thon. It’s going to be called something along the lines of “Movies My Wife Hates.” I mention that only because her diatribe about this film hits many of the same points you do, but her take is somewhat different.

    She was an English Lit major, so she’s read lots of stuff ans seen almost as much in terms of movies. I think her issue with “Picnic” is she has all the romantic proclivities of a cinder block. By education I’m an engineer, which means I tend to see things in terms of mathematics and sheer practicality, and even I can see the romantic fantasy better than she can.

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    • Haha! That sounds like a great series. My mom is from the Midwest and so watching this movie gives me fond memories of time with her family.

      As far as the movie goes I tried to voice my minor criticisms but still point to what I enjoyed about the picture. I would rather focus on the positives if at all possible. Thanks for reading!

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  2. I’ve only seen this film once, and your review points out some of the reasons why I’ve kind of stayed away from it since. It can get quite overheated, that’s for sure. However, I liked all of the positives you listed, too. (If you can’t tell, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this film.)

    Thanks for this thought-provoking contribution to the blogathon! I’ll most certainly keep your review in mind when I give Picnic a second chance.

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    • Haha, I am right there as well. I had some minor criticisms but I tried to find the good in it and was still able to enjoy it. Certainly having William Holden, Kim Novak, and Rosalind Russell does not hurt!


  3. I have to be in the mood for Picnic, and though it happens rarely there is much I enjoy about the exploration of heightened emotions. All is played with empathy and sincerity. For the record, I think Rosemary and Howard will be able to make a go of things, while Madge and Hal are doomed to fizzle.

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    • I really liked the characters of Rosemary and Howard Bevans in this one as well. It does seem like a movie that requires a certain mood and I was thankful that I was able to enjoy it by focusing on the positives.


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  5. Thank YOU so so much for talking Picnic and Bill- I don’t care if the film is dated- a good film is a good film. Yes it has flaws- but every film has got them! I love the time capsule angle- as that’s how I too look at it- I love the styles- and I kind of am obsessed with the part Bill’s shirt gets ripped open- haha- the music is ultra dramatic and a bit much- but its still great! Thanks for honoring the Golden Boy!

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  6. “energized bunny”…what a wonderful expression ……a great review with just the right amount of humour….cant say it is one of my fav WH movies…the story is a bit thin but hey…WH without a shirt on and THAT dance made up for any negitive remarks …..

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  7. Great and interesting review! I must admit I took a lot of time to see this film because a lot of people were saying that it was boring,but in the end I did enjoy it! The dance sequence is everything! Thanks so much for your participation to our blogathon!

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  8. PICNIC would show up on TV a lot in the 70s and seemed dated even then. But, like you say, in a good way, a time capsule. There’s a lot of great dialogue and memorable lines. “Madge is the pretty one! Madge is the pretty one!” Susan Strasberg went on to become a sex symbol herself, even appearing in Playboy magazine.

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