The General (1926)

This silent film starring the great Buster Keaton, tells a simple story with comical results. Keaton is Johnnie Gray, a Southern engineer who loves his locomotive and his girl. As it turns out Union spies steal his train, The General, and they also take his love captive. Now Johnnie must track them down and save his fair southern belle. After many a comedic antic, Keaton finds himself behind enemy lines and he is now on the run. However, he does eventually get the girl and then warns the Confederates that the Union forces are coming. Because of his great bravery, he is rewarded with the rank of Lieutenant even though he was not enlisted. Although this film might seem slow to the modern audience, if put in context the, the bouncy score, the slapstick comedy, and Keaton can all be enjoyable. “The Great Stone Face” was one of the few who gave Chaplin a run for his money.

4/5 Stars

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