Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949)

d4c15-kind_hearts_and_coronetsStarring Dennis Price and Alec Guinness (in eight roles), this black comedy follows a commoner who tries to avenge his mother by killing eight relatives. The story begins with a man about to be hung and as he waits, he writes his memoir. Through a flashback, his childhood and adult life is shown. He worked tirelessly to move up in society and he also did away with everyone standing between him and the Dukedom (all played by Guinness). Things get complicated when he is about to marry a deceased victim’s wife and then a childhood beau tries to blackmail him. Ironically, the one murder he did not mean to commit is the one for which he gets caught. Yet there is still hope, or is there? Price plays the young and clever English gentleman very well and needless to say Guinness is extremely funny. Also, the two female characters are different but both good in their own right.

5/5 Stars

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