The Lady Killers (1955)

c0838-the_ladykillers_posterStarring Alec Guinness, this is a unique and often hilarious black comedy caper film by the Ealing Studios. The adventure begins with the quirky criminal mastermind, Guinness, renting a room from an old woman. Soon his masquerading accomplices arrive. The five of them plan to commit a robbery and when the day comes things start off smoothly. However, they have the unknowing old woman pick up their prize and chaos follows her. The men get the money but before they can escape the lady accidentally finds out. The latter half of the film follows the double crossing antics of the criminals as they try to run off with the money while trying to figure out who will do the unpleasant job of knocking off the lady. Needless to say they don’t succeed. I was wary of this movie at first but it was actually very enjoyable because of the comedic and odd scenario. Keep your eyes on a young Peter Sellers as well as Herbert Lom.

4.5/5 Stars

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