Topper (1937)

e1812-topper_lobby_cardThis fantasy comedy starring Cary Grant and Constance Bennett opens with a married couple flying down the road in their automobile. The unusual thing is that George Kerby is driving with his feet and that pretty much sums of this pair straight from the beginning. They live a wild, fun-filled life full of wealth and parties. However, all this craziness gets them killed when George takes on a curve in the road too fast. They decide as a good deed they must brighten up someone else’s life. Their subject of choice is Mr. Topper, an older fellow from the bank where George had acquired a great deal of stock. He is rather like a grumpy but lovable old dog who just does not want any excitement. The ghosts’ of the Kerbys change that however causing “Toppie” to get his name in the gossip columns after a stay at a chaotic vacation spot. His stuffy wife is dismayed, and his butler is peeved, but finally Topper is starting to enjoy life thanks to the prodding and trouble making of the Kerbys. This film has some good moments, but I would say that Grant’s comedy roles would just keep getting better after this one. 
3.5/5 Stars

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