Sergeant York (1941)

Starring a wonderful cast including Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, and Joan Leslie with director Howard Hawks, this is a feel-good film. Alvin C. York (Cooper) lives in a small town in Tennessee where he works hard but also drinks a lot. Over time however he becomes a devout Christian and falls for a girl named Gracie (Leslie). He is hoping to get married and own a piece of bottom farm land. World War I begins and after a great conflict inside of himself, Alvin decides to go fight. While there he proves his valor, helping to capture 132 German soldiers almost single-handed.  He returns home a great hero and is reunited with his family and Gracie. Despite being a great war picture, this is also a very nice biography of a simple yet religious man who tried to live his life to the best of his abilities.

4/5 Stars

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