Vivre Sa Vie (1962)

ef6de-vivresavieposterDirected by Jean-Luc Godard and starring Anna Karina, this French film shot like a documentary begins up close and personal in the life of a 22 year old woman named Nana. In 12 separate scenes we slowly are given a view into her life. She goes from leaving her husband, trying to get into the movies, and then finally begins prostituting herself for easy money. All the while this beautiful young lady struggles with men. Here interactions sometimes leave her somber and other times light-hearted. Through it all she tries to live her life the way she sees fit. She might be playing pinball, working in a record shop, viewing a movie, or attempting to pick someone up. She is so alluring in a quiet sort of way and as observers we begin to feel pity for her more than anything. In the end tragedy strikes and all of a sudden it is no longer her life to live. This film had moments where it became talkie however the narrative divided into 12 sequences and the constantly swiveling camera were major attributes. Furthermore, this film appears as if it will be an in depth character study and yet by the time it abruptly ends we hardly know much of anything about Nana besides what is on the outside. In real life Anna Karina would be Godard’s wife for a time and he used her in many of his works.

4.5/5 Stars

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