The Gunfighter (1950)

da568-the_gunfighterStarring Gregory Peck, this enjoyable western is about Jimmy Ringo, a gunfighter who has gained notoriety over the years. He rides his horse into a town and enters a saloon for a quiet drink. A cocky kids eggs him on and Ringo kills him with the boys brothers soon on his tail. He scares them off and heads to the town of Cayenne to see his estranged wife. Most of the film has Ringo resting in the saloon where the bar tender waits on him and the whole town crowds outside to peek at the legendary killer. Ringo is met by the marshall who turns out to be an old friend. He tries to help Ringo, including contacting his wife who is now a schoolteacher. Finally, Ringo is able to see his wife and their young son. Exuberant, he is about to leave town when his assailants are spotted. In the end his name was too big. This film had a striking opening score, good characters, enjoyable dialogue, and some major plot twists.
4.5/5 Stars

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