4 comments on “All the President’s Men (1976)

  1. I know you commend the open-ended nature of the movie but I think it makes for a weaker finale. I wanted more of a solid conclusion. Subsequently this feels like it only tells the beginning of the story.

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  2. An interesting review — many thanks! — but:

    Democratic nominee Jim McGovern

    George McGovern

    a William Goldman script tirelessly culled from testimonials

    I thought it was based on the 1964 book All the President’s Men by Bernstein and Woodward. Or did Goldman do original investigative research for the sake of the movie?

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    • Thank you. I should do a better job fact checking! I think I meant by the second statement that Goldman, Pakula, and Redford got a lot of first hand accounts to make sure the film was as authentic as possible. But you’re right. Obviously the whole importance of this story is the fact that Woodward and Bernstein actually did all that work to break Watergate open.


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