4 comments on “Trafic (1971)

  1. Great review. I’m sorry to say that I did not enjoy Trafic the two times I watched it. I watched it after enjoying Holiday and Playtime and liking Mon Oncle, so I had high hopes for Trafic. But I was disappointed that it didn’t seem to measure up to the others in humor or charm. I watched it a second time much later, hoping that I’d like it more, but I felt just as let down that it seemed to me to be a failed attempt to recreate the magic of the first three Hulot films.

    Having said that, I very much enjoyed your review of Trafic and am inspired to give it another try … Of course, I’ll then have to watch the other three in the series. I’m looking forward to having my own little Hulot film festival 🙂


    • Thanks for your honest thoughts! I would agree that I liked Tati’s other films a little more, especially Playtime but I think I went in the complete opposite of you with lower expectations so with that mindset I was pleasantly surprised. But I think we can both agree Mr. Hulot is a lot of fun as a character. Maybe I should go back and have a Tati marathon too. Thanks for reading!

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