2 comments on “The Blue Dahlia (1946)

  1. I have a huge affection for this movie in that it was the one that plummeted me head-first into an adoration for film noir: yes, I’d seen noir movies before and, yes, I’d enjoyed them, but here was the movie that suddenly made me aware of a genre that I immediately came to love.

    Veronica Lake . . . is not particularly memorable

    Say that for yourself. The movie also initiated my still-ongoing pash for Veronica Lake. My wife tells me repeatedly that Lake is far too memorable here; mind you, I Married a Witch, oh lordie . . .

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    • That’s wonderful to hear! Now this makes we want to go back and figure out what film noir did it for me (maybe Laura or Out of the Past). I doubt I have as much knowledge on the subject but it still has to be my favorite genre, style, movement–whatever you want to call it.

      I too am a Veronica Lake fan. I think Sullivan’s Travels and I Married a Witch did it to me. I also enjoyed This Gun for Hire and a brief cameo in Hold Back the Dawn. But something about her performance in Blue Dahlia just didn’t resonate with me for some reason which I probably didn’t articulate very well. Your words make me want to go back and watch it again so thanks for that. Can never have too much film noir!


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