3 comments on “Review: To Catch a Thief (1955)

  1. There’s so much to enjoy in this film – the locations, the cast, the cheeky script and of course beautiful Grace and her costumes. To Catch a Thief is such a great escapist movie. Perfect weekend viewing.

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  2. I have seen this countless number of times and I will continue to watch it whenever it’s on television and I OWN EVERY DVD version of it. Grace Kelly is gorgeous and turns in a fine performance, Cary Grant is a S-T-A-R and the pair of them are unbeatable. Jesse Royce Landis NEARLY steals the film, if that’s possible – what a truly unique and wonderful character she creates. John Williams as the London insurance agent and Brigitte Auber as Danielle are excellent. It was during Kelly’s 1955 trip to Cannes to promote the film that she met Prince Rainier – so this was a life-changing role for her in myriad ways – Monaco’s gain, but Hollywood’s loss.


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