5 comments on “Review: Rope (1948)

  1. “Even a film such as Rope is worth seeing”? That’s a great understatement. The film is amazing – Hitchcock could not do much when everything has to be shot in one room – it was a play first. But, this is one of the most psychologically interesting films I know about.

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    • Thanks for commenting! I admit being prone to understatement sometimes. I think the film is certainly impressive on a technical level as most Hitchcock films seem to be. However, for me personally, there’s a coldness and emptiness to the storyline. But the great things about a movie like this is that opinions are subjective not written in stone.

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  2. We both gave Rope a similar rating in our reviews. 🙂 It was an interesting and gripping film with a unique premise, although it isn’t my favourite Hitchcock film as I felt it lacked something special.

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  3. ROPE is one of my favorite Hitchcock films! YES, it’s not very believable but I love the dialogue and the way the film was made in one continuous shot.

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