The Gold Rush (1925)

3c3f8-the_gold_rushIn this Charlie Chaplin flick we follow the little man or the Tramp as he prospects for gold in the Yukon. All alone and cold he stumbles upon a cabin where a corrupt man lives. However, the weather wreaks havoc and the Tramp finds himself eventually left with a fellow prospector. After a time the two friends split up. In the city the little man finds love while his former partner meets up with trouble on the road. Eventually they  do reunite, strike it rich, and become millionaires. Along the way there are many characteristic Charlie Chaplin antics. It is extraordinary, because for a film that is not a “talkie,” The Gold Rush is surprisingly complex with humor, drama, and romance. If you take into consideration the era of this film, it is very good.

4.5/5 Stars

Charlie Chaplin will be continued in the next review…

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