Rear Window (1954) – Alfred Hitchcock

02805-rearwindowposterStarring James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Raymond Burr with director Alfred Hitchcock, this is a superb film that takes place in a very limited space. L.B. Jefferies (Stewart) is a professional photographer who is incapacitated in his flat with a broken leg. All he has to pass the time is watching the people across the courtyard. Although he very rarely interacts with them, he slowly begins to know them just by spectating. Pretty soon he realizes something is amiss when the annoying wife across the way is no where to be seen and her husband (Burr) is acting strangely. With help of his ravishingly beautiful girlfriend (Kelly), Jeffries tries to uncover the truth. Everything escalates when Lisa breaks into the man’s apartment and it finally peaks in a climatic confrontation. In the end all is well and Jeffries realizes his true love. This is one of my favorite films because of its unique setting and it is possibly Hitchcock’s best. He takes an environment that is so confined and then makes a very entertaining and suspenseful film with it.

5/5 Stars

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