Cape Fear (1962)

a05ec-387px-cape_fear1960sStarring Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, and Polly Bergen, the film is an ominous and intense thriller.Peck is an attorney in a small town and he has a beautiful wife and young daughter. However, Max Cady (Mitchum), a man he helped put away, is now out. He makes it clear he wants revenge and he will bide his time to get what he wants. He constantly torments, stalks, and plays mind games with Peck and his family. All the police and private investigator can do is keep him under surveillance. Desperate, Peck decides to set a trap, moving his wife and daughter to a house boat on Cape Fear river. Sure enough Cady comes and shows his animalistic and brutal side. In the final showdown, Peck and Mitchum face off in a tense confrontation. Cady gets what is coming but not without doing damage. Following the Night of the Hunter, Mitchum plays an even greater villain here because he fills you with anxiety without doing anything.

4.5/5 Stars

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