To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Adapted from the famous novel, this film holds its own thanks to a stellar portrayal of Atticus Finch by Gregory Peck who embodied one of the most heroic screen personas because of his humility, his quiet strength, and his ability to understand others. Furthermore, this film covered the issue of prejudice when it was still a very explosive subject to many people.

*May Contain Spoilers

Adapted from Harper Lee’s classic, this film has a lot of things going for it. This includes a touching story and on of the greatest heroes of all time. It follows the recollections of Scout (Mary Badham) as she remembers her childhood with her older brother Jem and their widowed, lawyer father Atticus. The plot revolves most importantly around the trial of a black man for an accused rape of a white girl . The only man willing to defend Tom Robinson is Atticus because he feels it is the right thing to do. In probably his greatest performance, Gregory Peck portrayed a quiet yet courageous man, Lee had likened to her father. Instantly we are drawn to this well-grounded person who is not always liked or successful for that matter, but who always does what is ultimately right.

5/5 Stars

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