6 comments on “The Long Goodbye (1973)

  1. Really looking forward to watching this, but I wanted to read the book first. From your description I don’t think it would matter. May have to put this to the top of my Netflix queue.


  2. I love this movie despite its several loose moments: clearly Altman let the cast improvize some of the dialogue, and there are times when Gould’s improvizations of Marlowe-style snappy lines are pretty embarrassing. But I think it’s a great — and valid — new vista on the Marlowe world. And Gould’s portrayal of Marlowe seems likewise a perfectly valid one . . . although I’d suggest that this Marlowe is indeed an inhabitant of the 1970s rather than an anachronism transported into that decade. In 1970s terms, Marlowe is a straight (this is long before “straight” meant “non-gay”) doing his best to get along with a world that’s sort of left him behind . . .

    My 2c-worth.

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    • Thanks for the analysis on Gould’s Marlowe! It definitely is an interesting twist of the archetypal Film-Noir. Gould is somewhat of an acquired taste, but this is still enjoyable for how odd it is at times.


  3. One of my favorite neo-noirs. I love how Altman deconstructs the ’40s detective story (he does an equally interesting job “deconstructing the classic western in McCabe & Mrs. Miller). Arthur Penn’s Night Moves is another ’70s noir that does a fantastic job playing with the conventions of the genre.


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