Dazed and Confused (1993)

DazedConfusedThis film struck me as being very reminiscent of American Graffiti. It did for 1976 Texas, what the other film did with 1962 Modesto California. It has its own share of cars, a killer soundtrack, and ensemble cast involved in all sorts of vignettes and escapades.

School’s out and all that is left to do is live it up. However, as the kings of the school, the seniors have it easy. They get to subject all the new freshmen to initiation. Girls just get embarrassed, boys get paddled and you cannot choose your poison. You would think that all the seniors have the life that they want. After all, they have friends, they have good times, but for some of them they do seem to realize there is something else that’s missing. Of course right now they just want to have one epic good time.

This is one of Richard Linklater’s great earlier films and for the most part is was pretty good. He’s come a long way with films such as Before Midnight and Boyhood, but this is an important film if you want to understand where he’s come from.

4/5 Stars

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