2 comments on “Review: Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

  1. Honestly, the only time I watched this movie, many years ago, I was unimpressed, both in the movie overall and in Dean’s performance. I’ve felt guilty as a fan of classic movies in not appreciating Rebel, but that disappointment I felt has led me to not rewatch it or watch any others of Dean’s films.
    But your review has piqued my interest in giving Rebel another chance. Especially your comment about foreshadowing in the Observatory scene, which I don’t recall seeming that significant when I’d watched it, has led me to want to give the film another chance.

    I enjoy your reviews. Keep up the good work 👍

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    • Wow, thanks for your words. This is the reason that I write posts so I’m glad it had an impact. Although I enjoyed Rebel the first time, I saw it on a more cursory level. This time around I took something more out of it that really resonated with me. I hope you like Rebel better a second time around but even if you don’t I appreciate that you’re at least giving it a second chance based on a few of my humble musings. Thanks!

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