In a Lonely Place (1950) – Film-Noir

Starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame with direction by Nicholas Ray, the film is about a struggling screenwriter with a hot temper. Dixon Steele (Bogart) has not written a good script in a while but then one evening he has an enthusiastic young woman explain a novel he is supposed to adapt since he has not read it. Everything goes seemingly normal however the next morning she is dead and Steele is the main suspect. The police investigate, including Steele’s detective friend, but a neighbor gives an alibi which seems to save Steele. Soon Grahame begins to fall in love with him and vice versa. However, she soon realizes his violent side and second guesses Steele’s innocence since he has such a violent history. Although they are to be married it is broken off when he finds out she was going to leave. Only then does Grahame find out he was indeed innocent but the damage is already done and their relationship cannot be saved. This is a pretty good film noir with powerful characters.

4.5/5 Stars

Sunset Boulevard (1950) – Film-Noir

This is a great film-noir but more importantly it serves as a biting picture of the Hollywood lifestyle . Billy Wilder created a very interesting film that is well worth watching. It puts a very contrasting pair together and delivers the tale with a exceptional style of storytelling.

*May Contain Spoilers

In this film starring William Holden and Gloria Swanson (real-life silent film star) a down-on-his-luck writer, strictly by chance, finds himself living with a forgotten film actress. From the very beginning he finds her eccentric and her mansion chilling. All the same he agrees to live there in order to edit her movie script and earn some much needed money. Soon she grows accustomed and dependent on him since her only other companion is a butler. Hoping to make a comeback she goes to director Cecil B. Demille but it becomes evident to those around her that things will not work out. At the same time the young writer begins to distance himself as he begins to fall for a young woman writer he has been working for. In a chilling ending someone dies and another goes seemingly mad because the tension has grown too great. This film is very well done from the flashback and narration at the beginning to its critique of Hollywood and the parallelism with real events.

5/5 Stars