Wild Strawberries (1957)

Directed by Ingmar Bergman and starring Victor Sjostrom, the film follows an elderly doctor who travels by car to receive an honorary degree. Over the course of the day the old man has strange dreams and he also reminisces about his summers as a child with his family. He travels with his daughter in law and along the way they pick up energetic young people, deal with an unhappy married pair, stop at a gas station, and visit the old man’s lonely mother. The days events force him to face his past and realize his various faults. He also recognizes soon enough he will die. However, he finally comes to terms with it all and as a result he treats his daughter in law, son, and housekeeper differently. As with many Bergman films, this one is thought provoking. Some of the dream sequences were a bit odd but many of the characters and scenes were enjoyable.

5/5 Stars