The Best Films of Marcello Mastroianni

1. 8 1/2
2. La Dolce Vita
3. Divorce Italian Style
4. A Special Day
5. Marriage Italian Style
6. Le Notti Bianche
7. La Notte
8. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
9. The Organizer
10. Dark Eyes
11. Big Deal on Madonna Street
12. Everybody’s Fine
13. Adua and Her Friends
14. Sunflower
15. The Law

La Dolce Vita (1960)

bc0c3-la_dolce_vita_1960_film_coverartStarring Marcello Mastroianni and directed by Federico Fellini, this Italian film set in Rome follows a tabloid reporter named Marcello. If he is not finding a scoop with other ravenous reporters, he spends time with his wary girlfriend, falls for an American bombshell, talks with a cultured family man, or spends time with his good natured father who he does not really know. All the while he witnesses the lives of the rich and has many romantic relations. The underlining theme of it all is boredom,  unhappiness, and superficial lifestyles. This film is not really about a main plot but rather Marcello’s many different episodes and experiences. Some are funny and others maddening, but he muddles his way through. This film, much like Breathless, is international and chic. The cinematography and score are both effective in helping to create this feel.

5/5 Stars